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Amateur television

Amateur television transmissions require large bandwidths, so, ATV is only practised on higher amateur frequencies: 438 MHz and above.

There is an ATV network in south of France, with repeaters in Marseilles, in Nimes, near Narbonne in Perpignan, near Nice, at the top of mount Aigoual, on the mountain of Lure and on the mount Ventoux.

ATV on 438 MHz 1255 MHz 2300 MHz 10 GHz

Network in south of France

Repeaters:F1ZEP Ventoux, F1ZGM Nîmes, F1ZGR (Ardèche), F1ZNG Narbonne,F1ZSF Montpellier, F1ZTZ Cambre d'Aze, F1ZUB Calce, F5ZAJ Marseille, F5ZAR Chamrousse, F5ZEI Nîmes, F5ZFI Nîmes, F5ZGI Mont Leuze, F5ZGN Mont Aigoual, F5ZMM Mont Doublier, F5ZMP Lure, F5ZNZ La Treille, F5ZOB Marseille, F5ZOZ Perpignan, F1ZQA Toulouse,F5ZQW Toulouse, F5ZSX Anduze

Beacons: F5ZNH Tarn, F1ZOX Toulouse, F1ZNE Caraman

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